Email Marketing

People unfamiliar with email marketing often wonder what all the fuss is about. Didn’t spam kill email as a marketing vehicle? And if spam didn’t kill it, what about blogs, Twitter and all the other clever ways we can communicate online? Businesses engage in email marketing because it works. And works well.

Why it works

Email marketing works for a variety of reasons…

  • It supports sales through other channels
  • It allows targeting
  • It is data driven
  • It drives direct sales
  • It builds relationships, loyalty and trust

Here at Digital Marketing Genie, we build email follow-up machines. It’s a way to consistently be in touch with your customers or potential customers. We provide them with the information they want when they want it. The key is to not make all of your offers to your entire list but to those that have raised their hand. Click here to get started with your email marketing machine.