dmg_blog_social_media_email_marketing_6_30Today is the sixth annual Social Media Day. At Digital Marketing Genie we do much more than just social media. So today, in honor of Social Media Day, we will talk about how social media can complement your email marketing campaign.

Social media campaigns are great and so are email marketing are awesome too, but when you use them in conjunction, just think of all of the new leads and business you will get! Here are some ways that you can infuse the two marketing efforts to get your business growing today:

  1. Use themes. No, I’m not talking about WordPress themes. I mean like a common theme that flows throughout your email efforts and your social media efforts. Let’s say you’re in the fashion business, and this week’s theme is plaids. Use that in your emailed newsletters or email blasts, but also strengthen it with talking about plaids on your social media postings. Let your customers know that you have a strong presence.
  2. Sign up for newsletter on Facebook. You can put a sign up Call to Action on your Facebook page to get people to sign up for your newsletter or other emails that you send out. Just say on your Facebook page what they are signing up for. For example, “Get My Weekly Tips and Tricks.”
  3. Upload your email list to Social Media. You finally put a face to some of your subscribers, that’s one good reason for doing this. Another great reason, is that by following the people who subscribed to you, you can get a better understanding of what their interests are and how you can better serve them in your business. With Twitter, you can link your Gmail and Yahoo accounts to scan for contacts. You can also upload a CSV file of your email marketing list to add an audience to Twitter. For LinkedIn, you just go to ‘Add Connections and upload that same CSV file to add all of your email list to your LinkedIn connections. On Google+, you go to the People tab and add the CSV file under ‘Connect Services” then ‘Open Address Book’. Finally, for Facebook, you may not want to have all of your email subscribers looking at your personal photos. So, for Facebook you can add your list to have your Facebook ads targeted to them.
  4. Archive your newsletters and emails that you send out on your website. Why, you might ask. There are lots of things you can do with your email/newsletter archive. One cool way to integrate your email marketing campaign with your social media is to pin a picture from your newsletters or emails that you send out about sales or offers, and link the pin to the URL for the archive post. Also, you can take pieces of your newsletter, like a sentence or two and post it on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Google+ and then link to that entire newsletter or email in your archive on your website.
  5. Invite people who read your newsletters to follow you on social media. You should have your social media icons already in the header (preferably) of your newsletter, or at least somewhere on there. You want to add CTA’s in your newsletter also, specifically inviting readers to follow you on Twitter or Like you on Facebook.

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