dmg_blog_6_25To be successful in your business, you need to bring in revenue. You can have repeat or new customers, but you need to always be bringing in new business. To bring in new business, you have to generate leads. But, where do leads come from?

1. There’s always the “old fashioned” way, meeting them in person. This is still a highly effective way to draw in new leads. There are a lot of people who still only want to do business with someone after they have met them in person. These types of people are leery of trusting anyone that they can only see a picture of on the internet. Go to networking events in your area, or even out of your area, if your business is one that doesn’t have any geographical boundaries. Get our there and talk to people!

2. Social networking is another great way to get quality leads. You can post what your business is doing, new things coming up and pictures of you and your team. This will build trust and help people feel like they know you and your company. Offer coupons or other specials on your social media sites to keep your followers engaged. Contests and giveaways are another great way to increase engagement and ultimately convert some of these people into leads. Make sure that you have a custom Fan page with an opt-in so that you can generate leads. That is what social networking is all about: building relationships. If people know, like and trust you then they’re more likely to do business with you.

3. You website is your face to the world, so put your best face forward. The great thing about the internet, is everyone has the chance to be equal. This holds true for companies as well. Small businesses can make websites that are just as good as large corporations. Customers don’t have to know that your business isn’t on the 39th floor of some fancy high rise in New York City. All they have to go off is your web presence , so make it good. A simple approach is best, make your website clean and to the point. All of the information that you have on your website needs to be easily accessible and easy to read. Invest in SEO and utilize your blog. You want your website, and blog articles, to rank in Google naturally so that people will find you. WordPress is great for blogging and has built-in SEO. A wonderful website is not enough, you need to have a clear Call-to-Action on every page of your website. Ideally you will have more than one different Call-to-Action to appeal to different types of leads. Your Call-to-Action should lead to some type of a sign up form, where you collect the person’s name and email at a minimum, thus making them a new lead!
4. Another great way to generate leads is to send out a monthly or bimonthly newsletter. Include useful information and special offers that only newsletter subscribers have access to. You can send the newsletter to all of the people who have signed up through one of your Calls-to-Action on your website. Send through an email system that can track your opens and unsubscribes. That way you only have good leads on your list.

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