dmg_blog_6_23If you were going to throw a party, make a great cake and decorate with streamers and balloons, you’d want to have a crowd. You go through all of this planning so that everything for the party will be perfect. But, then you forget to send out invitations to the party. No one shows up, and you have a whole cake to eat by yourself. This scenario is similar to what its like if you spend hours writing and editing your blog, only to have few if anyone read it, because they don’t know about it.

So, you have to send out “invitations” for people to come and read your blog. Some of the ways you can invite people to come to your blog are:

1. Search Engine Optimization

2. Email marketing campaigns

3. Paid advertising on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn or Pinterest

4. Sharing your blog on your business and personal social media pages

Google changes their algorithm regularly, which means the criteria for ranking high in search engines changes too. Years ago it used to be all about keywords and meta tags. Keywords aren’t out altogether, but they certainly don’t hold the weight that they used to. Google still looks at keywords in your blog, to figure out what the content is about. The secret to keywords in your blog theses days is about placement. Instead of jam packing certain keywords over and over throughout the body of your blog, you need to strategically place them. Put the keyword in the title and then again in the body and maybe once in the header. This will be far more effective for SEO these days. Another place to put keywords is in the URL. When writing new blog posts, set the URL to contain your main keywords for the article, and keep the whole URL string as short as possible, it suggests high relevance.

We all know the old cliche, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” This is especially true for blogging for SEO. When you put high quality images in your blog, you make it easier to read and understand the content and encourages sharing. Having a great picture for your blog allows you to post that picture on Pinterest with a link to your blog. Pinterest is huge for SEO right now, and people love repinning and it can only drive more readers to your blog. When you name your photos that you upload pictures to your blog, name them something relevant to your blog, not just pic1.jpg. When people are searching for photos about that subject matter, your branded photo will come up, and that will help your SEO.

You don’t have to do all the “inviting” yourself. Let your readers help you with your SEO. Make it easy for them to share your blogs on social media or via email, by putting share buttons right on your blog. That way if they like what they read, all they have to do is click a button to share your content with all of their friends and followers on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest.

Do you already have a blog for your business? SEO rules are changing so quickly these days, and it’s hard to keep up with all the new rules. If you need help setting up or tweaking your blog to improve SEO, or to get your social media sites ready to share all your great content, contact us at Digital Marketing Genie!


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