dmg_blog_6_18Why should people hire you to be their coach? Have you thought about what makes your attractive to potential clients from their point of view? Confidence is one thing they are looking for, for sure. A great personality doesn’t hurt either. There is a difference between cocky and confident, we all know. If you are cocky and braggy, you will undoubtedly push potential clients away. When you mix a great personality with confidence that you know your stuff, you can be a powerful coach and people will naturally be attracted to you.

Know though, that all personalities do not necessarily work well together. That’s ok, coaching is a very personal one-on-one business, and your clients need to feel comfortable with you to be able to learn from you and want to take your advice. Clients should feel like your coaching service is worth the money they invested in you.

Obviously meeting potential clients in person can be a very powerful introduction. Videos of you in action are a great tool to have on your website or YouTube, to give people a sense of who you are. Another simpler, but equally as powerful way of building trust and rapport. You can blog, about your coaching business. Include blogs that reveal as much of your personality as you wish. Show people your human side, your sense of humor and let them get to know you through your words.

As a coach, don’t hold your content tightly and be secretive. That kind of attitude, where you think if you give away all of your tricks and tips, then people won’t need you to be their coach, because you’ve given away all of that information for free. But reading an article and working one on one with a coach is immensely different. The more content you publish on your expertise, the more people know, like, and trust you, and want to work with you directly.

Someone who wants you to coach them doesn’t just want your knowledge, they want access to you. They want the accountability that comes with having a coach. They want to be able to ask you questions directly rather than interpret a blog post. They want specific tailored answers that they can apply to their life or their business.

Some ideas for what you can write about are:

You can answer typical coaching questions in blog form – So if you are a weight loss coach and people are always asking you what the best time of day to eat to lose weight, there is a blog right there. Give them facts and tips to eating at the ideal time of day.

Write How-To blogs for processes in your field of coaching – If you are a financial coach you could write a blog about how much you should be putting into savings and IRA’s and your checking account each month.

Don’t just get trapped in the circle of providing good information and getting no new clients. The point of blogging is ultimately to create new business for you. Remind your blog readers that you can also work with them one on one if they need a little extra help. Otherwise your coaching business is taking a backseat to the blog, and you might find yourself with a large audience, being very popular, and getting all the retweets you can handle, but no new clients


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