dmg_blog_6_17The first step in your marketing plan is to use a lead magnet or attraction offer to get people on your email list. You offer them something for free in exchange for their email address and name. At this stage, you do not want to ask for their credit card information.  That can be scary at first. You only want to give them something cool and useful that appeals to their wants and needs, in exchange only for an email address.  Easy enough, right?

So, the next step is turning a lead into a customer by making them a low-cost, relatively painless offer, then having the opportunity to upsell them once they are in your sales funnel. Asking someone to invest in your more expensive products or services first, is like asking someone to marry you on the first date. Slow down and let then warm up to your first. You can repurpose or repackage parts of your more expensive items based on a certain more detailed solution in a way that delivers value and gives them an idea of what is included in your big item or package.

The idea behind this style of marketing is to get new prospects that have opted on to your list and turn them into a buyer as quickly as possible. This relatively painless purchase builds trust with your new leads and that is huge from a marketing standpoint. If you deliver as promised on an offer that is only a couple of dollars, you will be remembered and trusted in the future, when your prospects go to purchase a big ticket item. An exchange of a dollar or even a few dollars tends to convert better than one that is offered for free because buyers are wary of free offers, wondering what the catch is.

Welcome offers are great for you as the business owner, to run tests to see what your target market or markets are interested in. You should have many welcome offers, on many different subjects, in different formats if possible.  Through tracking who has bought these offers, you should be able to tell by the numbers what people are most interested in, or what format is hot. Now you know to do more of that and get rid of what is not working.

The email addresses that you got for the people who signed up for you lead magnet need to be put to good use. Start by sending out 2-3 emails offering your product for a limited time. Create urgency, it works! You can send your list straight to a sales page to get your welcome offer or send them to a video pertaining to the offer that then sells the welcome offer at the end.

You probably see that value and the concept of the welcome offer now, but where do you start? Many people get stuck at this part. What do I create to sell to my prospects for only a few dollars? A great idea, that’s easy, is to take your main offer and break off a piece of it and package it as an individual product. Offer an inexpensive piece of what you do for your business, giving them the option to upgrade to your full product.

If you have questions or need help with your welcome offer, contact us at Digital Marketing Genie and let’s get started!


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