dmg_blog_5_26What needs to be on an About Us page?
That depends on the type of website and product or service offered. If you’re a startup, then your page needs to explain what you do to new visitors. Typically, only a small % of visitors will ever look at this page, so they’re not critical from a commerce point of view.
About Us pages are important pages for validating your business credentials to people who don’t know you and give them a way to build trust with you. About Us pages are more frequently used on business to business sites, where company history and positioning is a key factor in the buying cycle, especially when selecting a long-term trading partner.
There are some situations in which an About Us page has more value, for example a business with no offline brand presence – visitors are more likely to want to know about them as they don’t have another reference point.
It is a relatively simple task to get your About Us page written and maintained and it could make a difference in persuading new users to trust you and make a purchase.
There are three key questions your About Us page needs to answer:
• Who are you?
• Why are you doing this?
• What makes you different?
The content should tell the story of the business in your unique way and use persuasion techniques to give people the confidence to trust what you say and do. It’s about communicating your core values and culture and, to a certain extent, inspiring people with your vision and ambition.
For companies that have been around for a while, it should also provide a timeline to showcase how the company has grown and evolved since launch, using photos from the different periods to provide a visual trail.
There are some pieces of information that people expect to see on About Us pages.
• A concise vision statement – This should summarize what the company represents, what it does and why it does it.
• A summary of the company culture and core values.
• Testimonials from genuine customers and fans
• A snapshot of key employees
• Interactive content – Video is a proven way to communicate longer messages, as not all businesses can be summed up in a sentence or two.


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