dmg_blog_5_19We tend to focus on immediate results and metrics when dealing with paid social media advertising, or any marketing for that matter.

How much did we spend on that campaign?

How much revenue did it bring?

What was the ROI?

These are important, in the short term.

Short term results are the easiest way to measure advertising success. We compare the amount we spend on a campaign to the direct revenue that resulted to determine whether it was worth our time.

The typical marketer thinks that promoting content that doesn’t directly lead to a sale or opt-in is foolish and a waste of money. They hammer an audience, who may or may not know them, to get the conversion. The focus is on the right headline, call-to-action or image that leads to revenues. It’s all about right now.

By only focusing on the short term with paid social media advertising, you aren’t investing in long-term success. You’re only maximizing immediate revenues.  You may run a campaign reaching 100,000 people. Of those 100,000 people, you’ll be happy to get 1,000 website clicks. And of those 1,000 website clicks, you may hope to get 10 sales. While rarely having a serious, built-in relationship, you use the image and limited characters in your ad to sell your brand and entice your audience to buy now.

There is a very large audience that may be interested in your related content. They may eventually be ready to buy, but they don’t trust you yet. And these people are being neglected. As a business owner, you have to understand that not everyone will be ready to buy right now.

By building trust, authority and value, you are nurturing long-term customers who beg you to create another product so that they can help support your business!

Instead of spending your social media advertising money on quick sales and impulse buys, try promoting posts on Facebook or pins on Pinterest of your blog or quality content that will benefit your new followers. Of course, you should always have a call-to-action on your blog or website page, because some people may be ready to buy today. You want them to have that option.

Eventually you will build trust and can offer products or services through email campaigns or landing pages via calls-to-action. Spend your social media advertising money wisely, think about long term results.


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