Optimize the Images You Pin

This is a very broad recommendation, but following some best practices can really boost the impact that your pins have. You want to boost the engagement you get with your pinned items, higher engagement means more clicks, and more clicks means more potential sales. Be sure to include a link to the item you are showcasing, the price of the item, and a 200-300 character description. It also helps if you have a call to action at the end of the description.

Make Boards With Specific Themes

It is tempting to just create a single board and label it “my companies board.” While this is easy it is not going to help drive traffic to your site. Instead of making a single board try making multiple boards that focus on a specific theme or type of product.

There are two ways customers can create a new pin from your site:

  1. Copying and pasting a URL onto the “add a pin” widget included on any Pinterest board
  2. Clicking a recognizable Pin It button that appears on or near an image

The second option is probably used more often, but it’s better to optimize for both ways to cover your bases, and it won’t greatly increase the amount of time you spend on each pin.

Integration is Key

There are four key components for integrating Pinterest on your website:

  1. The Pin It button needs to be prominent and easy to use. Depending on how important Pinterest is to your brand, you may want to consider giving it more visibility over other social media icons.
  1. Your site should automatically pull a well-optimized image when the user clicks on “Pin It.” I’ll talk more about what images work best for Pinterest later on, but above all, you want a clean, high-resolution image.
  1. Your site should automatically pull a well-written and concise description, which features a few relevant hashtags and key product data.
  1. Sharing from your site should automatically link each pin to the appropriate landing page (and append tracking info if desired). If you’d like to see referral traffic and ultimately sales from Pinterest, linking to the product is paramount. Surprisingly, this is the biggest area where marketers drop the ball.


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