dmg_blog_5_5So, you have been writing relevant blog articles for your business (or having someone blog for you). Good job! You’ve posted them on your website and update with new content regularly. But how do you get people to come to your site to read them? How do your “advertise” your blog?

Of course you post it on Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest is great place to post your blog as well. Just upload the picture that you make for your blog and in the source, put the URL for your blog. There is even a little box that you can leave checked, and it will automatically post to Twitter for you, provided you have it hooked up already.

If you want your new content to reach your target audience in an instant, email campaigns are the most appropriate option. If you have alot of subscribers to your blog, you can drive these subscribers to your website by pointing them to your recently published article.

Sharing your content in LinkedIn Groups offers you targeted exposure beyond your usual list of connections. Just be sure the group welcomes shared content, and make sure the post is relevant to the group topic. Being perceived as a spammer on these sites won’t do any favors for your brand.

Google+ is another social networking tool that can be used to expand the reach of your blog. By posting into targeted Google+ communities, you’ll get your content pieces in front of interested readers in order to boost traffic. Again, though, be careful of coming off as too self-promotional. Post unique content to Google+ and be sure that any shares you post offer legitimate value to your followers.

Tips for Sharing Your Content on Social Communities

  • Read the guidelines – You don’t want to be kicked out by being unaware of dos and don’ts.
  • Respond to posts you have knowledge of – You want to get on the radar of influencers in your industry.
  • Don’t just share your content – Provide snippets of your content so your audience can know what to expect if they click-through.





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