Using Email Marketing to Promote Your Book

dmg_blog_4_30Authors, if you are looking for a way to promote your new book, you should think about email marketing. Not just sending a few emails out to family and friends, but a professional, targeted email campaign.

The most effective email marketing campaigns are tied to something exceptional. The release of a new book, for example, or a speaking event, even a 20 percent off offer. There is some call to action that drives a potential buyer to open the email and then make a purchase.
Check out these five tips for making your email marketing campaign to promote your book a success:
1. Have a targeted list. Make sure your list is targeted. Sending an email out to 500 people who are interested in your book genre is better than sending to 5000 people that have no interest at all. You can partner with other authors to do cross promotion, or contact other business professionals or organizations that have a connection to your book’s subject. Let them help you market your book to their email or newsletter list.
2. Catchy subject line. Use the subject line to pique the readers interest. Give them a reason to open the email. If they don’t open it, they won’t have the opportunity to see your valuable offer. Don’t say, “Buy my book” you want something intriguing. Using the words “free” and exciting words like, “best” “amazing” and other buzz words will help.
3. Provide a clear and concise email offer. Your call to action in the email should be direct and to the point. Dress up your offer to make it sound appealing of course. Make your offer sound inviting. You want the email to get them to buy, or order or take an action.
4. Send them to a sales or landing page. Once you get them to click through to your offer, be sure you’re sending them somewhere they can make the purchase. If you’re sending them to your website be sure to create a special landing page that will either capture their information, if you’re trying to build your own newsletter list, or send them directly to place the order.
5. Always send out an email thank you. There is nothing more frustrating than placing an order and not getting a confirmation that the order went through. Then you are left wondering, “Did that go through?” “Is my card being charged?” “Should I place the order again?” It’s something that you can automate and it gives the customer piece of mind. Send them a confirmation email with a receipt and thank them for their business.



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