dmg_blog_4_231. Focus in in on a specialty.
The coach who is pretty good a lot of different things and is so excited to share their knowledge with their clients, yet fails miserably to differentiate themselves because there are so many of them. The best thing you could do for your coaching business and your clients, is to pick a maximum of 3, very specific topics to coach on. If you’re a money coach, what specific part of finance will you focus on? The more targeted and focused you are, the more focused your clients will be, and the better results you and your clients will see.
2. Get your clients to take action.
It’s Not About Motivation. Just because you are able to get people fired up, doesn’t mean you’re a great coach. The definition of motivate is to give someone a motive to do something. That doesn’t mean they’ll actually do it. Most any coach can give great strategies. The difference in going from good to great in coaching is getting your clients to actually take action. It’s about being a powerful influencer. It’s not about being a great motivator. Once you’ve mastered the art of influence, you’ll be able to do more than give strategies, you’ll actually have an effect on your clients which makes them want to take action.
3. Focus on what your clients want and need.
As a business or life coach, it is imperative that you focus on what your coaching clients want and need, not what you want. Your motives should only be their motives. The second you prioritize what you think is important versus what your coaching client thinks is important, you have failed tremendously. Their needs always come before your needs. This goes for any relationship you want to last.
4. Vary your approaches with clients.
If you’re not getting through to your coaching clients, it’s not them, it’s YOU. When you have only one approach your level of influence will suffer tremendously and neither you, nor your clients, will see results. Having only one approach is like driving down a dead-end road, it’s unlikely you’ll ever reach your desired outcome. Just because one approach or strategy worked for you before, it does not mean it’ll work every time, for every client.
5. Practice what you preach.
Would you coach someone on something you don’t, or wouldn’t do, yourself? Clients can sense fakeness. Do more than just tell them how to improve their lives. Show them how you have actually done it yourself. If you want to be the best business or life coach in the industry, you need to do more than just learn and give your knowledge, you need to start living it!
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