dmg_blog_4_21The welcome offer is a way to get your new lead to make a purchase. This is going to be an inexpensive purchase that has HIGH value. Once your new lead makes this purchase you can better determine how to serve them as you know what they are interested in. It is another puzzle piece of your marketing funnel.

Your welcome offer is a low-ticket item that solves a very specific problem in your buyer’s life. This means that in order to create a successful welcome offer, you need to get very specific about what kinds of problems your ideal customer may have.

Ideas include webinars, something you email, like an eBook or a checklist, or even a personal consultation. Companies who offer a great deal, like $5 for 4 books to entice you into signing up with their subscription program are a great example of welcome offers at work. Note that the idea is not necessarily to make any profit, in fact many welcome offers are sold at a loss in order to bring in the customers.

You’re going to need more than one. Outline all of the different topics your list may be interested in and then start creating welcome offers for each of these.

On our website, for example, under Services, we have a puzzle with…blogging, paid media advertising, social media or websites.  Why? We have found these are our most popular services.  Our main solutions are around building automated funnels and content marketing, but we generally help people first by addressing issues with their website or social media traffic.

One of our welcome offers is a Landing Page Success Guide to help people see what they are leaving out on their website to grow their business.  Every business owner has issues online when it comes to growing their business. For some right now it will be traffic, for others it will be their website, and then there are people who aren’t good at follow up with their email list. We could have hundreds of online marketing stress points we could develop products for… all ultimately leading to our marketing funnels or done for you social media services.

If you need help with your welcome offer, contact us at Digital Marketing Genie today!



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