dmg_blog_4_14As a business, your engagement online is more important now, than ever. Blogging is the perfect way to start. By creating a blogging strategy with keyword optimization in mind, you can attract new visitors to your website and gain more customers online. If you’re new to blogging, here are 5 easy steps for getting started:

  1. Find who your target audience is and follow other blogs in your industry. Before you can create a strategy, you need to do your research. Start by determining who your target audience is, and then think about what they search for online. What kind of questions do they have, are they related to your product or service? Do they want to learn more about your business? You should be following other blogs in your industry to get new ideas on what you should be doing.
  2. Create a strategy. Now that you have topics in mind, you can start to put together a monthly blogging strategy. This strategy should lay out all the blogs you plan to write for the month. If you post more often, the better results you’ll have. When you plan out your titles, research keywords that are high in search volume and make sure your titles are easy to search, you want it to be easy for your client to find you. Google Keyword Planner can help you do this.
  3. Set deadlines and goals for posting. You need to think about what you want your blog to do for yourself, and then go after it. Make sure you don’t miss publishing deadlines. If you want to generate leads via your blogs, make sure you have some sort of call to action within your blogs so your audience has a clear direction to take next.
  4. Add pictures to your posts. The blogs with images get more shares and will attract more attention. Make sure you include at least one image in your blog post. Also, make sure it’s interesting for the human eye to look at. If it’s not a picture you want to learn more about then find a new picture. More importantly, keep in mind the types of images your target audience wants to see.
  5. Share on social networks. Once you publish your blog post, don’t just post it on one site post it on all. This will help your SEO and it will put your content right in front of your target audience. To get more views on Facebook, try boosting your posts so that a larger audience will see them and click through. Even a small budget for boosting can help.



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