dmg_blog_4_9As an author, once you have one or more well-written books, visibility is the name of the game.

What is more visible these days than social media?

You can use Facebook to announce launches and promotions.  Of course you can announce to your friends and followers, the more Facebook friends you have, the better.  But you aren’t just targeting the people you know, to sell your book to.  You need to expand your reach.  Facebook ads are the way to go.  You cannot directly sell your book using Facebook Ads, but using it to build your mailing list by offering something in exchange for your target book audience’s email and name and draw them into your sales funnel where you can finally sell them your books through relationship based email marketing. If you want more help with this, contact Digital Marketing Genie, and we can help you.

As an author, you can utilize Twitter to maintain your book’s visibility. Build up your Twitter following and schedule regular promotional tweets containing snippets from your book or even good reviews your book has gotten.  The thing with Twitter is some people get really into it and for others it is a chore. And then other people just never get it. So the suggestion to all authors is to give it a good try for three months. If you get no benefit, or are not enjoying it, invest your energies elsewhere, or hire someone to do it for you.

Anyone who has been using video and YouTube in their business will tell you that once the videos are out there … you never know who will see them and which amazing opportunities will arise from putting yourself out there.

We’re talking about book deals, media opportunities, joint ventures, speaking engagements, being contacted by a big company wanting to produce the animated version of your kids storybook and so much more!

If you need help getting your business going as an author,click below, we can help you with our Biz in a Box for Authors at Digital Marketing Genie.



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