dmg_blog_4_7The easiest and fastest way to grow your email list and get more new leads, which will ultimately lead to more customers, is to offer a free incentive or sign up offer. That’s what a Lead Magnet is, a free item that you offer people, in exchange for their name and email address. Some examples of what a lead magnet can be are: an eBook in PDF format, a series of emails, a coupon, or even a free half hour of consulting.
Here are a few things to keep in mind about Lead Magnets:

• You can double your opt-in rate by adding a lead magnet
• Lead magnets can come in many formats
• Lead magnets can be created fairly quickly

If you already have a lead magnet on your website, good for you! Add another one. Maybe some of the people weren’t interested in your free eBook, but if you added another lead magnet for a half hour consultation, you could reel them in. You can use the second lead magnet to test against your current lead magnet, or use your second lead magnet near related content. Relevancy is everything in marketing, especially online marketing, so adding these related lead magnets can significantly increase your opt-in if you do them right.

You need to choose a topic for your Lead Magnet. That’s half of it. Ask yourself these questions to get yourself started.

  1. What topics do your ideal customers or clients want to know about?
  2. What topics would be easiest for you to create a lead magnet about?
  3. What content format would be the best way to deliver that information?

Now, take that list of topics, and choose just one that you can easily make into a lead magnet. The topic that you are most knowledgeable about. A topic that just flows with you, one that you know inside and out, start with that one.  You don’t necessarily have to write it.  If you are artistic (or want to hire someone who is) an infographic is an awesome way to get your point out there, without being wordy.

Shorter is better, when it comes to lead magnets.  Shorter, but with value, that is.  Don’t get overwhelmed, thinking that you need to come up with this long eBook that will take 9 months to write.  Take all of your good knowledge on the topic your thought about earlier and put that into a concise valuable lead magnet.

If you need help with your lead magnet, you can download our FREE Lead Magnet Checklist to help get you started.



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