dmg_blog_4_2The independent sales rep may be the answer you are looking for selling your coaching services.  Let’s face it, we are all not good at everything.  And since you are such an awesome coach, selling may not be your strong suit, but it’s got to be done.

If selling your coaching service requires a salesman’s or sales-woman’s call, using an independent sales representative may be more efficient than having sales personnel on your payroll. Which is better depends on your situation.  In some cases, the problem may be that there are not enough prospects to justify putting a full-time sales force on the factory’s payroll. In other cases, because of heavy schedules, the sales staff may be missing opportunities to cultivate new accounts.

Selling for others is the business of independent sales agents. They make their money by representing several clients on a commission basis.

Make sure your sales rep is armed with the knowledge and expertise they need to sell your coaching service, and you’ll see the results. Here are some essential skills every Sales Rep needs in order to connect with prospects and get you coaching clients efficiently and effectively.

Make sure your sales rep knows that courtesy and friendliness aren’t enough. What customers really want is effective, efficient help.

The calls your sales rep makes may not pan out with that particular lead, but that doesn’t mean they won’t know someone else who will need your coaching service.  Have your sales rep thank leads for their referrals.

Don’t lose the human touch. If most of your business is done via technology, you have to try even harder to make customers feel valued.

Don’t make a customer wait, no matter how routine the call may be. Greet your caller in a warm, professional manner.

Have your sales rep document everything that happens with the customer’s call, including time and date; a description of the question, problem or request; actions taken; and any follow-up contact. Keep the information on file, particularly for your regular customers.



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