3_31A call to action, in case you don’t already know, is a response you want your followers to complete.  Every website should have at least one, but many would be best.  Facebook has a place on business pages to add a call to action on the cover photo.  You can also add them to the signature in your outgoing emails.

But how do you encourage users to act? How do you create an effective call to action.

Every website should have an objective it wants users to complete whether it is filling in a contact form, signup for a newsletter or a link to purchase a product.

A call to action provides…

  • Focus to your site
  • A way to measure your sites success
  • Direction to your users

How do you create an effective call to action?

  1. You also need to communicate the benefits of responding. What will the user get out of completing the call to action?


  1. Offer something free to encourage users to complete a call to action. Incentives could include discounts, entry into a competition or a free gift.


  1. A call to action should clearly tell users what you want them to do. They should include active words such as:
  • Call
  • Buy
  • Register
  • Subscribe
  • Act Now


  1. Position of your call to action is important. Ideally it should be placed high on the page and in the central column. You want it to catch your user’s eye.


  1. Every page of your site should have some form of call to action that leads the user on to something else, or gets their information. Your call to action does not need to be the same for each page.




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