Teleseminars provide you an opportunity, as a speaker, to provide information to a large number of people at one time. They allow you to train many participants at once, one on many rather than one on one. It also eliminates the need for travel, expensive preparation and presentation material costs. These factors make teleseminars a very cost effective delivery method for you to promote your speaking business.

Your teleseminars can be free or have a cost associated with participation for your invitees.  You can vary your cost to the customers, depending on the content you will be discussing and which service you use to host the call. Despite the participation fee, the advantage for your prospective clients, is that teleseminars do not require the hassle and expense of traveling to a live seminar. Participants can join the teleseminar from home or anywhere that there is a telephone connection.

The potential for success as a speaker is enormous. The demand for speeches, seminars, and training programs is growing every day. Adult education is one of the fastest growing businesses in the marketplace. Make no mistake about it, the speaking and seminar business is a highly competitive business, but there is plenty of room for creative people who have something to say, the ability to communicate it, and know how to market and to promote their services.

After paying the fee, participants will receive a phone number and pass code for the call via a personalized email. If the teleseminar is free, you can put the phone number and pass code on your website or social media.

As a speaker, you can conduct many teleseminars on a specific topic over a period of a few days or weeks in a format that’s come to be known as a “telesummit.” A common form of telesummit allows participants to listen in for free, but pay for recordings and/or transcripts of the calls.


There are two basic ways speakers are hired. The first is to be engaged by a business, group, or organization that generally pays a set fee based on the length of the speech, seminar, or workshop presented by the speaker.

The second method is to be paid on a per person basis, which is calculated by the number of people present in the audience rather than a set fee determined in advance.

You can increase your chances for success if you choose a subject that personally interests you. One that you are highly versed in, and one you will want to continually study and develop. The best subject would be one that you could talk on for several hours on a minute’s notice. It should be one that thoroughly excites you. If your topic is intrinsically interesting to you, it will be easier to deliver with enthusiasm and conviction to your audience.



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