dmg_blog_2_24You may not have heard of the term, but transactional emails are becoming essential to the way we interact with applications and services online. The emails we get from Facebook letting you know someone’s commented on your post, or those receipt emails you get from Best Buy? They’re transactional emails, with content that’s tailored just for you. Transactional email is a type of one-to-one email. It’s different from bulk email, which goes to many people with the same content.

Transactional emails might invite us back to a web service after a period of inactivity, let us know what’s happening online while we’re away, or encourage us to purchase items we left in our shopping cart.

You may already be putting this into action, in some form or another in your business.  When a customer signs up for your email list, they receive a welcome email. While the main goal of this piece of content is the confirmation, it includes a new soft call-to-action to like your Facebook Page or follow you on Twitter.

The same thing happens when a customer opts in for a free offer on your website, an email is sent to confirm the download. Now, that email can be a dead end, or it can include related products to increase your revenue.

Here are some statistics about Transactional Emails you may find interesting:

  • 75% higher click rates for welcome emails with live embedded social feeds than with only icons linked to social sites
  • 300% of welcome emails see more than three times the orders and revenue per email over regular promotions
  • Real-time welcome emails see more than ten times the transaction rates and revenue per email over batched welcome mailings
  • 70% of consumers subscribe to receive coupons and discount codes in their inboxes
  • Thank you emails after a purchase or optin get a thirteen times increase in revenue compared to other promotional mailings.
  • 44% of consumers prefer emails that contain products based browsing behavior or past orders
  • 40% increase in unique clicks for emails with predictive product recommendations



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