dmg_blog_3_12Video has always been a great marketing tool, especially. Let’s face it, most people are visually stimulated, and what better way to do that than through video. One thing that has kept many businesses from using video in their marketing toolbox in the past was cost. But that has since changed. Effective, nice-looking videos don’t require expensive cameras or massive production crews. Today, most quality cameras and even smart phones have the ability to shoot high-definition video that can be easily edited and uploaded online. With a little work and some planning, video can be a huge asset to your coaching business.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a video worth? According to recent research, just one minute of online video is equal to 1.8 million words. So video a tremendously valuable format for marketing your coaching business online. Video is quickly becoming THE marketing media tool for a number of reasons – production costs are fairly low, video is engaging and most importantly video is persuasive, as a result more and more businesses have decided to adopt video as their primary method of communication. There are a number of ways video can be used to promote your coaching business and increase your sales. Here are some of them:

  1. Business Showcase – highlight your coaching services on the front page or a landing page on your website and even on Youtube – be sure to use text and music to keep it interesting
  2. Client Testimonials – customer testimonials are fantastic on video and much more effective than reading copy on your website
  3. Success Stories – group these together if possible and keep each to 1 to 2 minutes in length
  4. Email video – Testing has shown that your email is twice as likely to be opened if it includes a video
  5. Problem Solving – people don’t go to your website to see your sales pitch – focus on solving your clients problems and associate your brand with the solutions
  6. Video Press Release – use for company announcements, awards and achievements – change the focus from your business to how your coaching can help them
  7. Community Relations –community work, helping the environment or contributing to a worthy cause should be captured on video and put out there for the world to see
  8. Talk Show/ Interview – newsletters have traditionally had a low open rate – online interviews are becoming very popular and can be delivered to specific audiences
  9. Behind the Scenes –authenticity is important – this video should focus on you as a person rather than just selling your coaching services
  10. Thank You Messages – thank people for visiting your site – let them know you exist as a person not just a fancy website

An important rule of video is to keep it short so viewers don’t lose interest – generally 2 minutes is tops. If at all possible, you want your video to be shared, so make sure people enjoy watching it and want to share it with others. If people watch your video and don’t like it, it won’t be shared and you will lose out on a free and easy way to promote your coaching business.

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