dmg_blog_2_12Newsletters can be your new best friend as an author.  A newsletter can be your main method of communication with your readers.

What can you use your newsletter for?

  • Announce the release of your latest book
  • Promote when you have a special deal on your book
  • Get word out about a special contest
  • Boast about a great review or that sparkly new award you won
  • Tease your readers about your latest project

But, a newsletter isn’t just a way to promote your latest book release. First, it comes in handy to get people involved with you and your brand.

Having people sign up for your newsletter is fairly easy, with an opt-in on your website. Keeping them engaged and interested in reading your newsletter can be a little harder. Just remember this:

It’s not about you. It’s about them.

Every newsletter you send must be filled with things for your readers. Yes, you want to be sure to inform them about your latest sales, all of your exciting news – but that’s not all.

Your newsletter should be branded similar to your website, so that you stay consistent with your brand. The inside of your newsletter needs to stay within your brand as well.

There are a few things to be careful of when sending out your newsletter:

  • Do not spam your readers.
  • Don’t send out multiple copies of your newsletter because you saw an error. Proofread before you send or if you do have errors, use those errors as a contest on your website.
  • Do not send a newsletter for every little update. That’s a definite way of ensuring your unsubscribe rate climbs high.

When do you send out a newsletter?

There’s no set standard though – send out a newsletter when you need to.

What you can do to start:

  • Sign up with Mailchimp (or another newsletter provider).
  • Use the code they give you to place on your website.
  • Be sure to have your newsletter sign up at the top of your website where everyone can see.
  • Place the link in the back of your books.
  • Have it on your author page on Facebook (you can set it up as a tab).

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