Three Things To Do Before Your Live Coaching Event


If you’re running a live event, before you hit send on any promotional material, there’s three things that you want to have in place:


  1. Your event promise. How are people going to walk in, how they’re going to walk out – what’s the transformation? What’s your event promise? Are you telling them they will lose 50 pounds in 50 days? Are you telling them they will make an extra fifty thousand dollars this year working from home?


  1. You need a sales page in place. The one page where all your marketing sends people to where they can read, find out about the content, and then click to register.


  1. You need your promotional emails designed to get people to that page.


To recap: Event promise, sales page, promo emails and you are good to go.

Another very important part of promoting your coaching service through a live event, is social media coverage.  If a conference was held, but no one tweeted about it, did it really happen? These days, it’s so important to make your events social, but creating a hashtag is not enough. There’s an art to live-tweeting effectively and the conversation around your event should occur well ahead of the actual date.

Facebook has their advertising down to a science now, with targeting and retargeting. Take advantage of that to promote your live event and reach only the people who need your coaching service.

Digital Marketing Genie’s Business in a Box has everything you need to get your coaching business off the ground today.  Everything is done for you.  A sales page, done for you.  Personalized promotional emails, no problem.  You just need to come up with you event promise.  But, you already know that, that’s the easy part.