1. Where Do I Want to Go?

A good place to start, is to gain personal clarity on the direction you headed.  The members in your mastermind group are very important, and you want to make sure everyone is headed in the same direction.  While some diversity is healthy, there must be a unity of purpose and mission.

  1. Where Would My Ideal Members Hanging Out?

So now you know the profile you want for your potential members.  It’s your job to pursue them. Where are they already hanging out? Are they at a local networking group? Are they inside a paid membership site? Are they in a certain type of online forum?

  1. Does Each Member Have Their Own Unique Strength?

This is where most groups go wrong. They settle on just getting warm bodies. It is important to look for a commitment of purpose and a proven strength.  You should treat this process as if you were hiring for your company.

  • Invite potential members to complete a simple online survey.
  • Have a thirty-minute conversation with the goal of discovering their strengths.
  • Add members who show a history of commitment and a proven strength that will benefit the team.
  1. How Can We Help Each Other Along the Way?

Keep things simple as you lead your team to success.  As a group, focus on three items: meeting frequency, online collaboration, and meeting structure.

Simple meeting frequency. You can meet on Google Hangouts every Tuesday morning or every other Friday afternoon; whatever schedule works with the members of your group. Having a dedicated time each week works much better than trying to find a time to meet each week.

Simple online collaboration. Email is fine, but it’s not the best collaboration tool.  A private Google Plus or Facebook Group is perfect. That allows the members of your Speakers Mastermind Group to share ideas, articles, and questions any time during the week.

Simple meeting structure.  Meetings should have three essential components: sharing, advising, and accountability.  Each member starts by sharing their highs and lows from the past week, about 15 minutes total.  Then place one member into the “hot seat,” which allows them to tap into the “master mind” of the group, for about 30 minutes.  Then wrap up the meeting by sharing one high-leverage activity we want to be held accountable for the last 15 minutes.

Few things can accelerate you toward your speaking goals faster than participating in a mastermind. They is to think it through and get off on the right foot.  Digital Marketing Genie’s Speaker in a Box is the perfect tool to help you get your speaking career off the ground. Contact us today for more information.



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