First of all, what is a Bounce Rate?

Bounce rate is the number of visitors who left your site without visiting any other pages on the site.  Bounce rates are an important measurement of how successful your marketing messages are attracting the right people to your website and how well they’re keeping them there.

A high bounce rate is bad and it causes other bad things to happen, too. If your bounce rate is high, it may have a negative impact on your rankings.  Do know, that some bounce is inevitable. You’re not going to eliminate all bounce.  And that’s ok.  Bounce rate is not exit rate, but it’s related. Exit rate is the percentage of visitors who left the site from a certain page. Don’t confuse the two.  Also, reducing bounce rate is site-specific.

Now that we know what Bounce Rate is (kind of), let’s move on to how to drop it.

Quality content – Attracting the right audience to your website and keeping them there, is all about the content that you create to put on your website. Research your audience ahead of time, so that you can offer them quality content that will make them want to stay on your site longer. Once you know who they are, what their needs are, and what types of information they’re looking for you’ll be able to create content that will attract the right audience to your website.  An excellent way to see your bounce rate drop significantly, is to target your to them and provide them with quality information.

Minimize clicks – People may come directly to one of your landing pages wanting to fill out a form for more information. These visitors are past the information stage and are ready to take action. If you want them to follow through with their action, you need to capture their information in as few steps as possible. Long forms are scary to some, and will discourage users from filling out their information. Keep things short. A simple form requesting their name and email address should be enough.  Occaionally, depending on the service you may be providing, as for their website too.

Have clear calls-to-action – If people love the content they’re finding on your website, but they don’t know what step to take next to learn more about your company or contact you, they’ll get discouraged and leave. Give them clear calls-to-action and they’ll be much more likely to click through to another page on your website. Offering valuable content in a direct way will provide your website visitors with value that will encourage them to interact with your website longer.


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