dmg_blog_11_25-600x450Every time you post, and share it publicly on Google+, it will be indexed by Google search. It has its own unique URL. It’s not just all the public ones that get indexed. Every post gets indexed, but they will only show up for the people that have access to them because that’s personalized. So, what’s happened with Google+ is that the content that you share on Google+ appears in search. That’s awesome! What better place can you think of to put your content?

If you look at a website that has a +1 and recommend button, and you click that button, you’ll find a box appears that is very similar to that box. The reason why is that you’re sharing back into Google+ directly from a website with the button. Add this button to your website. Especially on blog posts.

The Google+ Follow button is great for websites too. In fact, it is a must for businesses. If you have a Google+ page then you can add this to your website. If you’re an individual, you can add a badge and that will help people to connect with you directly on Google+. So you can have a profile badge as an individual.

When you search on Google and the results page comes up, you see images that appear next to content. Those images, those people, they are attached to posts on Google+. They’re not blog posts. But actually, you’ll find that, very often, you’re getting Google+ posts appear on the first page of the search and they appear very quickly as well. Search has changed. How you can take your content into search in the best way?

Your goal, to improve your SEO, begins with creating a network of people around you, who are authoritative in your subject areas. You want to build a community of people around you who are engaging on your content. Add them to your Circles, hopefully they will reciprocate. That sends a signal to search, that your content should be seen by more people in the future.

If you join and you connect with the people that are most important for you, for your industry, for your niche, and they start to engage with you, they’re sending the right signals to search. Now, this isn’t quick. This takes time. This is about relationships and this is about adding value. But it works.

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